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The 'Philadelphia Experiment' !

The 'Philadelphia Experiment' - The story of the mysterious ship Eldridge and disappearing! Perhaps a successful experiment "invisibility." In what may be missing a destroyer in a few minutes to appear at another remote location and then to reimburse the initial position without passing markedly from any intermediate point; since the Second World War, in October 1943, U.S. Navy carried out a secret experiment "invisibility." Using electromagnetic fields failed to extinguish a destroyer, the crew
from the Philadelphia naval base, to develop naval base in Norfolk and then back to Philadelphia. And all in just minutes. But the side that had the experiment in the crew of the ship is nightmarish. Many of the crew became invisible and could not feel their environment. Several of them disappeared and were lost forever, without anyone to find them. The Navy after that concealed the fact and considered void. In contrast, remained the testimony. Many are those who claim they saw in the destroyer based in Norfolk, but none of them has to be seen entering or leaving the naval base. Proceedings of the experiment was a success, but after the results of the crew and overshadowed covered.

The case was investigated first by Dr Jessup. The Jessup did research on the existence and functioning of the UFO when he received a letter from a stranger who signs as Carlos Miguel Allente. Among other things, the Allente mentioned in an experiment which happened in the Philadelphia Naval Base, which he claims that he attended another ship being in the database. Initially did not pay attention until he received two more letters from Allente and the publisher of a book on the UFO filled with corrections, notes and comments which were written by Allente. This intrigued the writer to begin a survey on the topic. Several years later, Dr.. Tzisap found dead in his car. His death was ruled a suicide. It was said he committed suicide with the fumes of the engine of the car, linking the interior of the car with the exhaust. Inside the car was a note that said Tzisap wrote before committing suicide. Autopsy of the corpse for finding the true cause of death was never my blood and found a sufficient quantity of alcohol which is removed enough to cause itself to death. It should be noted that psychologically took medication for a long time something which, in combination with alcohol could also be the cause of death. Considering therefore the fact that at that time the Tzisap was intoxicated is a little hard to say he committed suicide in the manner described. So there is the possibility of forgery of the note and the murder. So can Dr.. Tzisap be killed because of investigations made on the subject, which was at an advanced stage? Very unlikely in my opinion. Carlos Allente was a strange man for whom there is not enough personal information to him, such as ancestry and place of residence. His real name may also be the simplest and Carl Allen. The letters are illegible, the result of the specificity with which they were written. These letters were written using different color ink and use capital letters rather than specific points, but incoherently and often interfered in the middle of words. Use at least 3 different colors of ink have been made and corrections of his book Dr. Tzisap. Many believe that reasonable adjustments are made by 3 different people, but studying the letters of Allente can lead to the conclusion that the author of all the corrections may have been the Allente. Carlos Allente it claims was the time of the experiment on another ship, the Andrew Faraseth which was based on the time of the experiment. The description of the states that saw Allente creates a green cloud around the ship Eldridge (DE 173). Then the ship began to disappear and all that remained visible was only the outline of the ship through the cloud, and that near the ground, it was possible to see detail behind the ship. The Allente describes that those who were on the ship felt as if transported to another world. They did not see anything from the ship around and feel to float. The effects of the experiment on the crew were different and the duration varied in many cases. Everyone on board was crazy. Many were invisible, even when it was under the influence of the field. The only way to reset was to come into contact with other crew members. Some reappeared briefly, but others remained in this state for a long time to find them and give them back, while some were lost forever, without anyone ever find them. Someone in front of the stunned acquaintances and relatives went through the wall of his house. In a local newspaper of Philadelphia said there was a reference to an incident in the bar area for some time after the experiment. The waitress says that she saw before her eyes disappear when two sailors were taking a drink. We tried to examine the history attached to two cruise ships, Eldridge and Andrew Faraseth. Exact result for which the two ships were the period before, during and after the experiment. The reason is that there were gaps in the logs of both ships. It is missing pages in the log Eldridge for the period of interest (27 August December 1, 1943) and the diary of Andrew Faraseth damaged. The official figures indicate that the Navy ship DE 127 was 306 feet long and a displacement of 1240 tons and 1520 tons full load. The ship was resold to the Greek Navy, was named "Lion" and exists today. Studying the Greek elements we find that the displacement of the ship is 1240 tons and 1900 tons full load. A paradox here about how increased the total tonnage of the ship at 380 tons in the resale. This can happen only if the equipment is removed from within the ship. We could say that electronic equipment was removed from the ship before it was resold to the Greek Navy? The Greek authorities also reported a completion date and chartering the ship just a month before the official date in the calendar and official records. Reference is made by Allente even in the name of Albert Einstein and his work on the theory of single field. Einstein published his theory of the single field in 1925 and withdrew two years later, in 1927, for "humanitarian" reasons. Einstein was aware of how destructive it was the application of theory. Example awareness of the risk of his theories is the fact that Einstein tried every means to prevent the President of the United States from the application of proven theories, and thus prevent a nuclear war. The Philadelphia experiment may be an indirect application of the theory of uniform field. The Navy issued a letter he sent to anyone requesting information about the Philadelphia Experiment, which was as follows: DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY OFFICE OF INFORMATION WASHINGTON DC 20350 2 3 July 1975 Over the years we have received innumerable queries about the so-called "Philadelphia experiment" or "Project" and the alleged role of the office of naval research (ONR) in it. The frequency of these queries predictably intensifies each time the experiment is mentioned by the popular press, often in a science fiction book. The genesis of the Philadelphia experiment myth dates back to 1955 with the publication of "The case for UFO's" by the late Dr. Morris k. Jessup, a scientist with a Ph.D. in astrophysics and a varied career background. Some time after the publication of the book, Dr Jessup received a letter by a Carlos Miguel Allende, who gave his address as RD # 1 Box 223, New Kensington, PA. In the letter, Allende commented on Dr Jessup's book and gave details of an alleged secret naval experiment in Philadelphia in 1943. During the experiment, according to Allende, a ship was rendered invisible and tele-ported to and from Norfolk in a few minutes, with some terrible after-effects for the crew members. Supposedly, this incredible feat was accomplished by applying Einstein's never-completed "unified field" theory. Allende claimed that he had witnessed the experiment from another ship and that the incident was reported in a Philadelphia newspaper. Neither the identify of Allende, nor that of the newspaper has never been established. In 1956 a copy of Jessup's book was mailed anonymously to Admiral Furth, the chief of Naval research. The pages of the book were interspersed with hand-written annotations and marginalia apparently made by three different persons as they passed the book back and forth among them. The notations implied a knowledge of UFO's, their means of mention and generally, the culture and ethos of the being occupying these UFO's The book came to the attention of two officers then assigned to ONR who happened to have a personal interest in the subject. It was they who contacted Dr Jessup and asked him to take a look at his book. By the wording and style of one of the writers of the notations, Dr Jessup concluded that the writer was the same person who had written hi about the Philadelphia experiment. It was also these two officers who personally had the book retyped and who arranged for the publication, in typewritten form of 25 copies. The officers and their personal belongings have left ONR many years ago, and we do not have even a file copy of the annotated book. The Office of Naval Research never conducted an official study of the manuscript. As for the Philadelphia experiment itself, ONR has never conducted any investigations on invisibility either in 1943 or at any other time. (ONR was established in 1946.) In view of present scientific knowledge, our scientists do not believe that such an experiment could be possible except in the realm of science fiction. A scientific discovery of such import, if it had in fact occurred, could hardly remain secret for such a long time. I hope this provides a satisfactory answer to your inquiry. The 'Philadelphia Experiment' may sometimes be executed with "success", but may it never happened and is just a farce. The facts and figures from both sides are many and are often contradictory. There are still more data on the experiment are not reported and which should be studied from all angles as to the validity of their own data and their sources. The fact that this experiment was sometimes not yet proven, but there are suspicions that this is probably somewhere in October 1943 to be held By enigman

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